We create stunning websites

Whether it’s to promote your business, open an online store, start a blog, or simply showcase your work, we offer you the most convenient and affordable way to create your ideal website with the least possible effort on your part.

In summary

  • We create high-quality and mobile friendly websites for a fixed price of $299
  • Your website can have as many pages as you need
  • You can change your mind as many times as you want for up to 30 days
  • We always use WordPress as the Content Management System
  • 6 months of hosting and maintenance are included as a bonus for free!

Our process is simple and extremely efficient

We’ve boiled down the process or creating a website to the essential. Forget about briefs, wireframes, mockups and all that makework. Our goal is not to waste your time or to bill you as many hours as possible.

First, we find you the perfect template


After 20 years of experience building thousands of websites for entrepreneurs and small business we know that starting from a template is significantly easier and faster than starting from scratch. Whatever your industry or style, we will find the perfect template for your project.

Second, we customize it to your needs


Now that we have a base to work with, we can customize it to your needs. With our incredibly easy to use on-screen feedback tool, you'll be able to request any changes you want, as many times as you want for up to 30 days.

Third, we launch and maintain


Once you're happy with what you see, we will launch your website on our fast and secure hosting. Want to host it somewhere else? No problem, you can also download your website and host it wherever you like.

Payment terms

  • A deposit of 50% is required at the beginning of the project
  • The remaining 50% is required at end of the project (after 30 days)
  • You can cancel your project and get 100% of you deposit back at any time during the project